Better Home for a Better Life

New generation large-scale energy storage system integrates power generation system

with natural solar or wind power

Reduce fuel consumption to improve environment and quality of life


Our Product

Gus Technology Battery Cell

Stable, thin, and flexible design

Long cycle life, reduced long-term costs


Gus Technology Battery Module

Anti-explosion, high temperature resistance, deformation resistance and other safety features



Product  Applications


Our manufacturing services

The capabilities of the provider include:

Cells Customization

Module Design Assistance

Energy Storage System (ESS)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Gus Technology aims to design for a better life, and actively explore "Life" to improve the quality of life. Gus Technology and Japanese technology team cooperate as partners to develop mass production technology, to develop new generation large-scale energy storage system that integrates solar or wind power into power generation system and create power driven by technology.



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